Access secrets to creating (and scaling) product-led content that doesn’t suck 

If you’re anything like me or the 2K+ content marketers and strategists reading this newsletter, you know that most content talking about SaaS tools sucks: 

  • Product mentions are fit in like square pegs in round holes (blah!)

  • Content smells salesy from a mile away, turning down readers left and right 

But hey, we’ve all gotta sell. Except, not in this salesy-as-a-door-salesperson style. 

The right way? 

Earn trust first, pitch your product second. 

Let me show you how in my weekly emails where I: 

  • Break down real examples of product-led content done well  

  • Share templates & frameworks to help you scale production (yess, even with a team of freelance writers who don’t know your SaaS tool as well as you do!)

Folks from Vimeo, Sprout Social, Wise, and Airmeet read this newsletter — so trust me when I say, you’re gonna be in good company 🤓

Here’s what one of them says: 

But hang on, who am I?

Hi, I’m Masooma 👋

I’m a freelance writer for B2B SaaS, content marketing consultant, and a rookie aerialist. 

I help industry-leading names like GatherContent, Shopify, and Vimeo write, refresh, and distribute product-led content.

Back in 2022, Semrush recognized me among its top 100 content marketing influencers (which I’m slipping in here because it makes me sound ultra dope 😁). 

When I’m not doing all things content, I’m either exploring new cafes or reading a high-fantasy novel.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my newsletter. I’d love to connect here on Substack or on LinkedIn — wherever you hang out :)


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